Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer Diaries is a collection of advice and inspiration from influencers, brands, and content creators. The posts include information about how influencers got started, a day in the life, their favorite brands and opportunities, and anything else they deem useful to other influencers.

If you are an influencer/content creator, fill influencer application found on the home page, or reach out to us by email at

We will set you up an account and you can start posting right away!

Once you have an influencer account, you will have access to a dashboard that shows your commissions. You will be able to choose what payment method works best for you, and when you want to be paid! 

In addition to getting paid for each subscriber, our influencers also have access to some amazing rewards. Since every influencer has different needs, we let each influencer choose what rewards they want for hitting certain milestones! 

Some examples include sports tickets, an Iphone, a camera, gift cards, etc.

Once you submit a new blog post, it is sent to our team for review. This process ensures that the content on the site is appropriate! 

The review process generally takes less than 24 hours. 

If you submitted a post that still is not visible after 24 hours, reach out to us and we will get it up!

Once your new post goes live, the best way to promote it is using your link on social media.

Our influencers have found that posting their link on their Instagram stories has been a super effective way to bring people to the site and start gaining subscribers!

In addition to adding to your bank account and the other rewards, posting on this site gets your name out to an audience of thousands!

For somebody trying to make a living with social media, every follower counts, and posting creating useful blog posts is just another way to grow your following.

When readers come to the site, they will be able to read 3 posts per month for free. After reading 3 posts, they will be prompted to subscribe for $5 to gain unlimited access to the rest of the site!

On Influencer Diaries, there are two different types of accounts. 

Subscribers are individuals who sign up to read the posts from the influencers. Subscribers do not have access to create new posts on the site.

Influencers are individuals with established social media presences. They are given accounts for free, and are able to access the content on the site, and create new posts.

If you have any other questions or need help, contact us at