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HEY FRIENDS 🙂 Happy you’re here! Welcome to my blog where I share my best tips and social media advice to help you along your creator journey!!

Today I want to chat about the 3 FREE Apps that have specifically been game changers for my content creation- so let’s talk about them!

Lens Buddy

First- Lens Buddy. This app is the perfect content day partner. You can set it up to shoot continuous photos, propped up on your tripod or anywhere else. I set mine to shoot every second and will take at least 100 photos to sift through and find the ones I want to use!

Feed Preview

Second: Feed Preview. This app allows me to sort and organize my future posts, to create the perfect instagram aesthetic that I want.


Third, Dispo! Dispo is an app by David Dobrik that is a digital disposable camera. It has that perfect vintage feel and can download the photos right to your phone, or printed as well.

These apps may seem simple but when I say I use them EVERY day as a creator, I mean it! I have tried other similar apps to these, but these three have been my favorite for my influencer journey.


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